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You want an online business network?  Telephone Systems Direct can help.

online_business_networkWith the functionality of VoIP the OfficeServ7000 series can form an online business network very cost effectively.  With voice-over-IP portals starting from as little as £55 your online business network can even include an IP phone in your study, plugged into your internet router.  Work for next to nothing at home instead of competing in the rush hour!  online_business_network.pdf

The OfficeServ7400 is usually the hub of an online business network for an enterprise class business, but you could use an OfficeServ7200 or OfficeServ7100 if you wish.  The entry-level OfficeServ7030 has up to four online business network ports enabling you to utilise Wi-Fi mobility in addition to the twenty TDM based extension capacity.

So to get your online business network rolling dial 0800 652 8052 where our advisors are waiting to listen to your requirements so they can make a proposal to meet your needs.

Our Samsung Platinum status allied to our SME Reseller of the Year accreditation should assure you that we are able to deliver your online business network without problems.  Call us to learn about our 25% discounts..

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