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online_conferenceSetting up an online conference is now very easy.  All the youngsters probably do it through Skype, Yahoo! or MSN Messenger services.  online_conference.pdf

In the business world our conferences usually involve more people and it’s fortunate that Polycom have their SoundStation2 or SoundStation2W which is a next generation online conference phone when linked to a Computer Calling Kit. 

This online conference set-up delivers remarkable quality of voice and the microphones have excellent pick up.  It also has the great new feature of being able to connect a mobile to establish the other end of the conference should a phone-line or internet connection not be available.

Another advantage of this online conference unit is that it enables computer-based SoftPhone clients to be included in the conference.

More information on these online conference products can be found in the on-line catalogue by clicking on the icon above.  If you’re after VIDEO online conference solutions click this link.

Why buy it from Telephone Systems Direct?  It’s all down to experience, price and delivery.  We can deliver to you speedily and at one of the keenest prices in the UK market.  Call us on 0800 652 8052 to learn more about our online conference capabilities.

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