optical fibre

optical_fibreWhat keeps the World going?  optical fibre!   optical fibre.pdf

Optical fibre carries our communications at the speed-of-light.

The main users of optical fibre are PTTs (that’s public telephone network providers).  They utilise all sorts of technologies to connect point A with B.  They’ll use copper in the local loop, optical fibre between towns and sub-distribution points; Microwave from hilltop to city; Satellite from one country to another.

optical_fibresWhy optical fibre?  It transmits laser light at 300,000 miles a second – this is modulated to carry digital signals in packets of data forming internet pages, voice conversations, videos and films.  It’s cheaper over shorter distance – has less loss than standard metal cables.

In offices structured cabling systems are limited to about 100m.  Where the area to be covered exceeds this optical fibre can link numerous areas together through fibre optic modems, switches and hubs.

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