Our DCS phones

The DCS phones located on our website are manufactured by the Korean Giant, Samsung.

As you have probably guessed, DCS phones were designed to work with DCS phone systems.

Unfortunately, the DCS PABXs such as the DCS 100 and the DCS 500 are no longer made and the DCS phones range has now been discontinued.

As we are a Platinum Partner, our status recognises the fact that we have achieved high standards of customer service and continue to develop our processes. With this in mind, it is a priority for us to continually maintain high levels of stock of all kit, including DCS phones.

Whether it be the DCS phones PABX or just the DCS terminals – ALL DCS phones equipment are discounted at 25% off the recommended retail price (RRP).

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Servicing of DCS phones
Our fully trained Engineers are competent in all aspects of DCS phones and their management. They have completed all the necessary DCS courses resulting in a team of knowledgeable engineering capacity who can install all DCS PBXs (and the others).

Our_DCS_phones_platWe cover the whole length and breadth of the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) maintaining the DCS phones.
It is definitely a good idea to take out one of our DCS service agreements for when the inevitable fault occurs with your PBX.

Contact us today on 0800 652 8052 and speak to our experienced sales advisors.

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