Our selection of Samsung business phones

DS5014S_handsetThe DS5014S is a new model of phone designed and distributed by Samsung, the Korean Manufacturer. The DS5014S is compatible with the whole new spectrum of OfficeServ tele-phone PABXs making it the perfect choice for any new employee.


DS5014S_handset_25_OFFThe DS5014S is reasonably priced at £112.50 excluding VAT (25% discounted off the recommended retail price) allowing the DS5014S to be an affordable, cost-effective solution for any organisation.

DS5014S functionality: The DS5014S was specially developed providing the end user with fourteen programmable fast dial keys to store all of their special numbers as well as offering the CLIP and directory key. The DS5014S also has a two line, thirty-two character adjustable LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, which shows all the call information as well as extension station names and date/time indicators. The DS5014S also allows the end-user to access the Voicemail system and send messages to other DS5014S devices connected to the telephony network.  Video demo >>>>>>>

DS5014S_handset_platDecided upon the DS5014S? OK, all you need to do now is contact our specialised Sales advisors on 0800 652 8052 and place your order. Alternatively, visit our ecommerce website, Telephone Systems Direct. Our experienced team of staff can help with any enquiry you may have.

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