paging system

A paging system needs to be effective.  In hospitals and restaurants, discrete; in factories they have to be very loud.

paging_systemThe paging system can be used for background music when not in use for broadcasting messages.  An SMS paging system can be utilised where the general environment demands that those other than staff are not audibly annoyed when a message has to be broadcast.

This style of paging system can be connected to your phone system or to a PC.  It can have personalised text strings developed or standard ones entered.  The choice is yours.  The paging system terminals can clip to a belt for easy access and reading or be popped into a pocket.  Chargers for multi pager units are available. 

You may find that the chosen paging system operates over radio and that you will be required to apply for an appropriate licence (that’s a relatively common action that we can assist with).

Connecting a paging system to one of Samsung’s powerful OfficeServ7000 telephony solutions will aid your business to locate your personnel more effectively.  paging_system.pdf

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