panasonic 2 line phone

panasonic_2_line_phoneBe very careful when looking for Panasonic 2 line cordless phones as some Internet sites do not make it clear that the models on offer are 2 line – they say you can transfer calls, but that is not the same as shuttling between two different clients – OK you can conference in another of the wireless handsets into the conversation – but this isn’t true 2 line phone working.

The current Panasonic 2 line DECT phone as these words are written is the KX-TG9382T (please note some Panasonsic models aren’t available in the UK)

panasonic_2_line_phone_34428_dt321bFor the normal office your Panasonic 2 line phone is going to be a desk terminal connected to a conventional TDM KX-TDA or the latest VoIP KX-NCP.

The model choice of Panasonic 2 line phone for these phone systems will inevitable from the DT range and although it may say 1 line or 3 line you can bet that you’ll be able to have one call on the go with a second on hold – thus making it a 2 line phone!

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