panasonic a 309

panasonic_a_309_-_handsetWe have to say that the Panasonic A 309 was GOOD VALUE ….. back in the last Century!

panasonic_a_309The Panasonic A 309 was one of the first Panasonic phone systems that was sold through distribution to a newly deregulated UK telecoms marketplace.

As the name implies the Panasonic A 309 was aimed at SME businesses with 3 analogue trunks and 9 extensions – a mix of analog and digital.  The clever part of the Panasonic A 309 was that the ports were hybrid and you could choose the handset types very easily.

The Panasonic A 309 is well past its “sell-by†and “best-before†dates.  It became obsolete so long ago that you will find it difficult to locate anyone who will offer you any support for it.  So rather than keep trying to buy additional handsets, or someone to repair it – bite the bullet and come to terms with the fact that it is time to replace it!  panasonic_a_309_-_replacement.pdf

The Samsung OfficeServ7030 is a BEST BUY telephone system (What to Buy for Business magazine) that is really cheap – by phoning TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 we’ll give you 25% discount on your Panasonic A 309 replacement.

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