panasonic answering machine

panasonic_answering_machineThere’s just too many Panasonic answering machine models! 
This means that for the domestic market there is a panasonic_answering_machine_7160Panasonic answering machine to suit you.  The problem is which Panasonic answering machine do you want?  panasonic_answering_machine.pdf

Dial 0800 652 8052 where the advisors at Telephone Systems Direct will help you with your Panasonic answering machine query.  What’s more – the price you’ll pay for your Panasonic answering machine will not be cheaper wherever you shop!

Today the 7160 Panasonic answering machine comes with three DECT handsets which can be expanded to a maximum of six.

TelephoneSystemsDirect panasonic_answering_machine_twinprovides telecoms solutions for the business sector too from structured cabling to novelty phones, VoIP networked telephone systems to low cost calling tariffs and line rentals.

So for your Panasonic answering machine dial 0800 652 8052 FREE – we’ll deliver your Panasonic answering machine tomorrow – we ask you to have your credit card to hand when you ring to speed up the process.

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