panasonic business phone systems

panasonic_business_phone_systemsThere’s no doubt about it that Panasonic business phone systems are good sellers.  When UK deregulation happened in the 1980’s Panasonic were quickly into the market with its A-series for the small to medium sized businesses, closely followed by the DBS for corporate installations – OK there were quite a few teething problems with these systems.

Today the Panasonic business phone systems have been transformed through technological advances with DECT, Wi-Fi, VoIP, integral voice mail and much more.  Today’s models are the KX-TDA15 and KX-TDA30;  the latest IP phone systems KX-NCP500 and KX-NCP1000 while the hybrid Panasonic business phone systems comprise the KX-TDE100, KX-TDE200 and KX-TDE600.  panasonic business phone systems.pdf

panasonic_business_phone_systems_-_DECTWhatever your requirements for telecoms then Telephone Systems Direct are available to chat to you and give you a frank assessment of what your best course of action is – we promise not to sell you something you don’t need.  If your current business phone system still has life in it we’ll tell you – should it be time to change then we will advise you of the alternatives.  One thing for certain at TelephoneSystemsDirect is that we won’t be beaten on prices.  We offer you 25% discounts up front – we do that because you phone us so we don’t require salesmen on the road – we keep our overheads down through efficient management – we serve our customers well – that’s why we have held the trophy for SME Reseller of the Year!

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