panasonic cordless phone systems

The latest in panasonic cordless phone systems is the KX-TG641X.  panasonic_cordless_phone_systems.pdf

panasonic_cordless_phone_systemsThanks to its universal design, unique technology and ecology its a perfect system for the house or So-Ho office. The integrated Digital Answering System automatically answers and takes messages from the caller when nobody is at home. The hands-free speakerphone or connected (optional) headset lets you talk on the phone even when you’re busy doing just about anything. You can know who is calling before you answer if you have subscribed the Caller ID service with your local telephone company: The LCD displays caller’s name and number.

These panasonic cordless phone systems come in a variety of packages from a single phone to a triple pack.  If the 641X series doesn’t meet your requirements then there are other panasonic cordless phone systems such as the TG251, TG651 and TG734EM for investigation.

All panasonic cordless phone systems can be ordered through TelephoneSystemsDirect at the keenest of prices with immediate delivery if you have debit or credit card details to hand when phoning us on 0800 652 8052.  If the wide range of panasonic cordless phone systems does not match your specification then we can suggest alternatives.

So don’t keep looking at more web pages for your panasonic cordless phone systems, call us now – it’ll save you time and most importantly….your money!

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