panasonic hybrid cordless phone

The panasonic hybrid cordless phone lets you communicate while you’re away from your desk or office.

The latest panasonic hybrid cordless phone comes from the KX-TCA family.  With models of KX-TCA175, KX-TCA275, KX-TCA355 and KX-TCA365 you’re spoilt for choice.  panasonic_hybrid_cordless_phone.pdf

panasonic_hybrid_cordless_phoneThe panasonic hybrid cordless phone integrates DECT cordless telephones with the KX-TDA PABX portfolio delivering the benefits of the system such that they are not left behind when you leave your desk-phone. Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephony allows voice and data transmission through wireless technology, within range of strategically placed base stations.

A low cost and highly flexible solution, cordless technologies keeps people in contact whether they are in the warehouse, on the factory floor, on the forecourt or in the showroom – in fact anywhere on your site when they are not at their home station.

TelephoneSystemsDirect can source your panasonic hybrid cordless phone at prices other will find difficult to match.  How’s that?  We do such a volume of business that we get preferential pricing so that we can pass this on to you by minimising our margins.  This doesn’t lower our umbrella of services.

Call now on 0800 652 8052 for panasonic hybrid cordless phone enquiries.

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