panasonic kx tda50

The panasonic kx tda50 is a telecoms PBX solution that should be considered for any small to medium sized business. It gives you growth potential.  With maximum capacity of eight lines and twenty-four wired or twenty-eight wireless extensions with both TDM and VoIP technologies the panasonic kx tda50 provides a telecommunications system that will serve you for the years to come.

panasonic_kx_tda50The panasonic kx tda50 supports a variety of proprietary handsets including the older KXT and latest KXTD models.  For descriptions and specifications please refer to the attached pdf.  panasonic kx tda50.pdf

Why should you choose Telephone Systems Direct to acquire your panasonic kx tda50 from?  Discounted prices will probably be the deciding factor, but we think that as we’ve recently been the SME Reseller of the Year trophy holder, you’ll find it difficult to locate a better supplier.  We’ll do your cabling and installation, order your line(s) and project manage it all for you.  We’ll minimise your telephony costs by matching your call rates to your calling profile and we will review that annually should you wish.

So we can supply your panasonic kx tda50 at a price that’ll be hard to match elsewhere (other than scanning countless more web pages) and we offer the services and support many others aren’t able to.

So dial 0800 652 8052 now to speak to us about panasonic kx tda50 pricing and more importantly, our capabilities.

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