panasonic kxtcd 320 dect phone

panasonic_kxtcd_320_dect_phoneFor the Panasonic KXTCD 320 DECT PHONE look no further than TelephoneSystemsDirect as we have a comprehensive choice of panasonic telephones and phone systems.  You’ll discover that the panasonic kxtcd 320 dect phone has been superseded by the panasonic TG series, but if you really do want panasonic kxtcd 320 dect phone we’ll try to source some for you.  panasonic_kxtcd_320_dect_phone.pdf

The panasonic kxtcd 320 dect phone had a key benefit of a remote access answering machine with two preset and one new outgoing messages. With a 1.4 inch backlit colour LCD screen and being GAP compatible, it could support up to six handsets which is the factor which made it so popular. It also provided Caller ID; could handle SMS text messaging; had a polyphonic ringer; speakerphone and was wall-mountable. The KXTCD 320 offered the convenience of cordless digital technology, combined with personalisation features, so that the user could make their home phone their own.

By phoning 0800 652 8052  you’ll be put in touch with an advisor who will locate a panasonic kxtcd 320 dect phone for you or offer a more cost effective and current model.

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