panasonic kxtda system

panasonic_kxtda_systemThe Panasonic KXTDA system comes in a number of sizes:

Firstly the Panasonic KXTDA 15 system is a hybrid designed for the small to medium business to provide intelligent call handling.  It is ideal for up to twenty users.  It can support voicemail, VoIP communications with digital and IP handsets.  panasonic_kxtda_system.pdf

The Panasonic KXTDA 30 system is just like the 15 but scales up to fifty extensions.  With analogue and ISDN trunks it will serve most clients.

It’s important to say that the Panasonic KXTDA system is getting on in years and the latest NCP models have far more features and the ability to connect to the newest SIP lines that we’re hearing more about daily.

By contacting the advisors at Telephone Systems Direct you can learn how to identify if the Panasonic KXTDA system is right for you.  We’ll give you unbiased advice on its facilities and functionality plus we’ll compare it to the BEST BUY phone systems as rated by “What to Buy for Business†magazine.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for help on the Panasonic KXTDA system.

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