panasonic kxtda600

The panasonic kxtda600 is an enterprise class PABX.  It is a true IP-Hybrid solution giving the modern business the benefits of leading edge VoIP communications to link sites and remote workers together while being able to have stable internal comms via TDM if it is felt that pure IP working would overload the LAN WAN infrastructure.

The panasonic kxtda600 has comprehensive features and facilities that compare well against most of the others in this marketplace.

panasonic_kxtda600The KXT & KXTD proprietary terminals are pleasing to look at while providing the functionality we all demand at our desks.  Even the DECT integrated handsets ensure that when you go away from your base, you do not leave behind the functions of the desk-phone.  See the attached PDF for more details. panasonic kxtda600.pdf

Purchasing your panasonic kxtda600 is simply a matter of dialling 0800 652 8052 where the TelephoneSystemsDirect advisors are waiting for your call.  Our panasonic kxtda600 pricing should please you as it is heavily discounted due to our preferential supplier rates that we can pass on to you.

So for excellence in panasonic kxtda600 supply you now know the number to contact.  Do it immediately!

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