panasonic pbx telephone

The panasonic pbx telephone has changed over the years and now with IP technology the panasonic pbx telephone is ergonomically designed to make your life easy.

panasonic_pbx_telephoneThere is a selection of panasonic pbx telephone to match the pbx you have chosen, be it a KXTDA15, KXTDA30, KXTDA100, KXTDA200 or KXTDA600.  From the Panasonic KX-DT300 series you have the choice of the 321, 333, 343, 346 and 390 DSS-AOM.  These panasonic pbx telephone models are also compatible with the KX-TDE and KX-NCP platforms. 
panasonic pbx telephone.pdf

The KX-NT proprietary panasonic pbx telephone for ip usage comes in a similarly numbered family adding the 366 and 400 to the numerical sequence.

There are other panasonic pbx telephone ranges available from TelephoneSystemsDirect such as the KTX7000 and OptiPoint system phones not to mention GigaSet DECT handsets.

So whatever panasonic pbx telephone you’re chasing after, phone 0800 652 8052 where one of our team will be happy to assist you in discovering our keen pricing for panasonic pbx telephone terminals.

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