panasonic phone system business

panasonic_phone_system_businessThe Panasonic phone system business in the UK has grown dramatically since the telecoms market was deregulated in the 1980’s.

The history of Panasonic goes back 1918 when Konosuke Matsushita founded MatsushitaElectric.

panasonic_phone_system_business_a_seriesThe Panasonic A series made the Panasonic phone system business grow phenomenally in Great Britain as it was sold through the distribution channel to anyone – one-man-bands with little or no knowledge of telephony features – fortunately there was a pre-connection inspection (PCI) conducted by BT inspectors to ensure their network and the user were safeguarded.

The Panasonic phone system business entered the mobile arena in 1991 with the TZ804 (Mova-P cellular phone). 

panasonic_phone_system_business_KXT_824panasonic_phone_system_business_dect_handsetsThe Panasonic phone system business progressed through the digital DBS phone system in the early 1990’s to todays’ VoIP enabled models such as the KX-TDA15 and 30; the IP phone system KX-NCP500 and 1000 and the hybrid Panasonic business phone system comprising the KX-TDE100, 200 and 600.  By choosing carefully from Panasonic’s family of phone systems you’ll find one that is right for your situation.  panasonic phone system business.pdf

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