panasonic telephone equipment

2_line_phoneWhen people talk about a 2 line phone what they are usually referring to is a digital handset which hangs off a telecom system.

Such a phone has the ability to perform all of the tasks that you would expect from a 2 line phone like conferencing, transferring, hands free and CLI – although an LCD display is better as it gives prompts making a 2 line phone a simple tool to use.

2_line_phone_cordlessThese phones are manufactured by all of the leading Brands, however for value and functionality we feel that the Samsung  5000 series are hard to beat.

The term for a 2 line phone is now dated as in the telecommunications industry we speak in channels as in ISDN or Broadband, SIP, etc which is easily explained by our experts. Keyphones are an absolute necessity for any business.  2_line_phones & systems.pdf

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