pbx programming

pbx_programmingFor OfficeServ pbx programming there is no one better than the engineers in Korea, but then they are a bit far away!  The next best for Office-Serv pbx programming are the Tech support team at SamsungElectronics – but they won’t talk to just anyone!  They’ll speak to us because we’re a Platinum Dealership (and have been since 2002 when this accreditation scheme was devised and published).  pbx_programming.pdf

So for DCSiDCSOfficeServ pbx programming you do need to get in touch with either an Authorised Service Partner, Advanced, Premier or PLATINUM partnership, otherwise the reseller will have received their training second-hand and not direct.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect our technicians are all fully qualified in pbx programming.  They travel the length and breadth of the UK looking after older DCS and iDCS systems but more commonly for Office Serv pbx programming they don’t leap into their cars and head off down motorways, they pull their laptop towards them and log into your system through your firewall (with your IT manager’s approval) and perform the pbx programming you’ve requested.

It’s quick and effective, which reflects in the reduction in charging for the remote pbx programming service.  Obviously should you wish to make the engineer their favourite cup of coffee, then they’ll be delighted to see you, performing the Samsung pbx programming on site.  Call us on 0800 652 8052 to arrange your pbx programming.

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