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The pbx telephones of today may physically look similar to those of the 1990’s but the technology in them has been transformed.  Now your pbx telephones are more than likely to be pure IP rather than the conventional TDM we’ve been used to for years.

pbx_telephonesAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we have an extensive range of pbx telephones to compliment the OfficeServ7000 telephony systems:  the tdm models: DS2100B, DS5007S, DS5014S, DS5038S, DS5014D, DS5021D, DS5064 and their ip equivalents: SMT-i3100, SMT-i3105, SMT-i5210, SMT-i5220, SMT-i5230, SMT-i5243, SMT-i5264 , SMT-W5120 and ip-soft-phone. 
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Each of the pbx telephones has its role to perform for your staff – the 2100B Standard Phone is for the occasional user or reception area where it can be hot wired to ring specific extensions within the offices when a visitor arrives.  At the other end of the portfolio is the i5243 with colour screen LCD that enables video conference and point of presence applications to be facilitated.

For more information on our pbx telephones you only have to dial 0800 652 8052 where our team will be pleased to help you.  Not only that but our pbx telephones are sold to you with a 25% discount from Samsung’s RRP!

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