phone and intercom systems

OfficeServ phone and intercom systems are GOOD VALUE (“What to Buy for Business” magazine – OfficeServ7030 and OfficeServ7400).  phone_and_intercom_systems.pdf phone_and_intercom_systems

These phone and intercom systems have all the features and functionality that any business could want.  With the plethora of terminals (DS2100B, DS5007S, DS5014S, DS5038S, DS5014D, DS5021D, DS5064, SMT-i3100, SMT-i3105, SMT-i5210, SMT-i5220, SMT-i5230, SMT-i5243, SMT-i5264 , SMT-W5120 and pc based OfficeServ-SoftPhone, DECT500, DECT600, plus MOBEX mobiles) and a host of applications you’ll find it difficult to discover something we can’t provide.

Each of the desk handsets has an in-built microphone and speaker giving the intercom facilities.  Setting the answering mode to hands free answer, or choosing OHVA (on hook voice announce) makes separate intercom systems redundant.

Your home phone VoIP extension (via broadband) can be included in these phone and intercom systems very cheaply.

Please call TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052  where you’ll learn more about phone and intercom systems and especially our 25% discounts.

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