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wall_mounted_cordless_phoneA wall mounted cordless phone can save space on your desk and will be readily to hand when you have cause to go elsewhere in the building.

We have a variety of wall mounted cordless phone models in our store.  These can be desk or wall mounted.  Just drill the wall and insert screws as per the instructions supplied with the cordless phone.  wall_mounted_cordless_phone.pdf

Nearly all our range of cordless phones have either an integral or accessory wall mounting bracket option.

Call an advisor at Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052 if you want to know more about any wall mounted cordless phone in our catalogue.

The majority of our wall mounted cordless phone units have DECT technology, but now Wi-Fi variants are becoming more available.

TSD has been around since 1992.  Our Samsung Platinum accreditation advises you that we value providing our customers with reliable solutions to their needs.

Even a wall mounted cordless phone properly installed gives us pride.  So please do not hesitate to phone us to chat about your wall mounted cordless phone requirement.


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