phone answering machines

phone_answering_machinesThe ubiquitous phone answering machines.  Just where would we be without them?

All phone answering machines present our callers with the chance of leaving a message when we are either tied up doing something else or plainly away from our base.  You only have to think of the number of ways it’s possible to contact us now….in the office through our business telephone systems, at home on our single line, on our mobile phone or more recently through our computer with voice over IP (VoIP).  Those alternatives are so the person can speak to us personally.  Then there are the electronic messaging services….email, SMS text, Twitter and Facebook (to name just two of the social networks).

phone_answering_machines_BTToday phone calls can follow us through the cleverness of the designers, so it could be we have absolutely no peace at all.  Thank God for the phone answering machines! We can switch off and let them answer for a while and then listen to the recordings at a time more convenient to us.
Initially all phone answering machines were analogue devices with a recording tape in cassette form that could be changed when it eventually wore out.  Now they are digital with solid-state memory chips giving much higher quality reproduction.  These attach in parallel with our everyday phone and kick in when the phone is unanswered.  They give a pre-recorded greeting then allow the caller to record.  When you get back there will be a flashing indicator alerting you to waiting messages.

phone_answering_machines_DECTAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we have loads of low-cost phone answering machines – ring us on 0800 652 8052.

For businesses we tend to refer to phone answering machines as voice-mail.  The Samsung OfficeServ7000 series of phone servers delivers your phone answering machines (SVMi) to all your users for next to nothing – £150 on the OfficeServ7030 (that’s up to twenty extensions!  Knock our 25% discounts off that and you see how cheap phone answering machines really are!  Dial 0800 652 8052 and chat to our team about phone answering machines.  phone_answering_machines.pdf

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