phone cables

phone_cablesThere are phone cables and phone cables.  Starting with CW1308 and moving through CAT5 to CAT6 and DSL phone cables to VoIP phone cables.   phone_cables.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we have an encyclopaedic knowledge of phone cables.  Our Operations Manager used to climb poles for BT and now makes his team of technicians jump through hoops to install phone cables to your satisfaction.  One thing you can be confident of with our phone cables service is that they are installed beautifully and to the manufacturer’s installation specification so that you get the performance they’ve designed into your phone cables.

No job concerning phone cables is too small or large for our teams.  By dialling 0800 652 8052 you’ll be put through to our advisors who will listen to your phone cables requirement and then advise on our pricing and availability after discussing all the alternatives to identify the most appropriate solution.

We have a complete umbrella of services besides installing phone cables:  telecoms consultancy; telephone bill reviews; DCS & OfficeServ7000 systems; applications; programming; training; finance.

So please do contact us on 0800 652 8052 to learn more about our phone cables capabilities.

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