phone call waiting system

phone_call_waiting_systemThe OfficeServ 7030 phone call waiting system is our entry-level solution.  Each phone call waiting system is scaled to match your business’s current size and growth plans.  phone_call_waiting_system.pdf

The integrated voicemail (SVMi) has a phone call waiting system processor built in queuing up calls and then delivering them when the chosen destinations become free.  Obviously the capacity of inbound trunks has a bearing on the number of callers you can have in the phone call waiting system queue at any one time.  Rather than applying our phone call waiting system process the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) function can lead clients to departments or individuals without having to be put into any phone call waiting system queues thereby reducing the possibility of any hang-ups and loss of trade!

Telephone Systems Direct has a team of advisors who are happy to chat to you about the pros and cons of competitive phone call waiting system solutions and help you to identify which will serve your needs – cost-effectively.

Perhaps you are only a small business.  In this case the OfficeServ-7030 will certainly cope.  If large, then consider the OfficeServ7400.  The scope in incoming lines is from 2 to 240 and extensions from 2 to a thousand!

0800 652 8052 connects you to THE Samsung Platinum reseller of phone call waiting system products where you’ll discover that our 25% discounting will purchase so much more for your money!

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