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Your phone central processor needs to be looked after.  When your phone central unit fails you’ll want it fixing immediately.  Fortunately modern phone central units are cleverly designed and with quality components, failures are few and far between.

Never the less having cover for your phone central processing box is like having home insurance – you hope you’ll never have to call on it, but when disaster strikes, you’re glad you did.

phone_centralAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we are experts at maintenance support for older DCS and iDCS systems as well as the current OfficeServ ranges.  With being a Samsung Platinum Partner you are assured of best of breed service.   phone_central.pdf

If you require any advice on telecoms topics from cabling to wireless connectivity, broadband bandwidth to billing reviews, then we’re here to help you.  We’ve helped loads of our customers throughout the UK reduce their costs over the years.  That’s one of the reasons that we were voted SME Reseller of the Year recently.

So dial 0800 652 8052 to enquire on our very reasonable rates for supporting your phone central keysystem.

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