phone conference calling

Today phone conference calling can be achieved in different ways: 

phone_conference_callingaudio phone conference calling: this can be simply using your telephone systems’ phone conference calling features allowing multiple extensions to speak or listen to a joint session with outside parties.  On the OfficeServ7000 this has a maximum of five participants (4extensions and 1trunk to 1ex and 4tr)
Alternatively you can utilise proprietary phone conference calling equipment like the Polycom SoundStation (pictured) for larger group meetings.  Extension microphones and speakers can be attached through cables or by bluetooth on the various models.

video phone conference calling:  here there are a number of manufacturers marketing High Definition internet connected (rather than the older ISDN) conference calling products but it is possible with the SMTi-5243 IP phone to use the large coloured LCD screen for this purpose with the very latest in phone conference calling from Samsung with their Communicator application that takes the guesswork out of regular conference calling sessions.  phone_conference_calling.pdf

TelephoneSystemsDirect can tell you so much more about conference calling when you phone us on 0800 652 8052.  We are Platinum accredited and can reduce your capital outlay on OfficeServ with our generous 25% discounts.

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