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phone_consultantChoosing a Phone Consultant? What you want is to talk to someone who won’t baffle you with gobbledegook!  A person who will act as a phone consultant but speak to you frankly and honestly about your requirements, then suggest a number of alternative solutions all cost-effective.

At Telephone Systems Direct we have a team of people who can all perform as your phone consultant.  Just give 0800 652 8052 a ring to find out.

For example…Les served with BT for years, David with Securicor and SamsungTelecoms, Tony with Mercury and Vodaphone, Alison in Training…..over a century in telecoms.  So we are experienced phone consultant material!

We cover everything in the phone consultant arena from lines (ISDN to SIP), extensions (analogue and digital plus home), tariffs (Local, National, International, Mobile), systems, headsets (wired and cordless), wireless communications (DECT, WiFi and MOBEX), cabling (CW1308 to CAT6), voicemail (personal, departmental, multi-site), novelty and feature phones and much more.      phone consultant.pdf

TelephoneSystemsDirect is a Samsung Platinum Business Partner so we’ll probably be biased towards an OfficeServ7000 solution, but they are cheaper than the opposition in most cases (especially with our 25% discounts applied!).

0800 652 8052 for your phone consultant.

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