phone fax machines

phone_fax_machinesThere are still quite a few phone fax machines around.  The manufactures like Panasonic, Samsung, Canon and Brother (not an exhaustive list) are producing very low cost home machines or multi-function phone fax machines for the office.  phone_fax_machines.pdf

However, there is nowhere near the choice in phone fax machines that there was at the turn of the century, and that’s because of email, PDF’s, JPEG’s, iPhones, SoftPhones, 3G, SIP and other similar technologies….basically there are few needs for phone fax machines today.

At Telephone Systems Direct we can sort out your phone fax machines requirements, however, don’t be surprised if we try to convince you into an alternative course of action.  We do speak frankly to our customers to ensure they do get the most appropriate advice on all their communications.

TelephoneSystemsDirect has been serving the UK business community since 1992 and in that time has been awarded the distinctions of Samsung’s Platinum accreditation and the SME Reseller of the Year.  We think with these awards you can rest assured you’ll be getting sensible guidance from us.  0800 652 8052 for phone fax machines.

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