phone headset review

phone_headset_reviewWhat you will be searching for is an unbiased phone headset review. 

Iphone_headset_review_-_boomf you’re looking for a domestic phone headset then please go to the Which? website.

In business you’ll choose “What to Buy for Business†magazine.

The phone headset review you’ll receive from the advisors at TelephoneSystemsDirect will be factual – BUT unfortunately biased!  We’re hooked on Plantronics phone headsets because they do deliver quality and performance.  We use them in our office.  We like the freedom that the CS60 or CS55 gives you.   headset_review.pdf

However, all you get with a phone headset is excellence in speech clarity when away from your desk.  It does not enable you to divert or make calls – you still require the handset to do that.  Perhaps you should consider using your mobile as an extension with an earpiece? phone_review.pdf

phone_headset_review_PlatinumFor your review phone 0800 652 8052 and chat to our team telling them what it is you are trying to achieve.  They will tell you frankly what’s required.  We guarantee that we will not sell you anything you do not need.  This is one of the reasons we’ve been crowned SME Reseller of the Year.

Feel free to ask us for reference sites where we’ve sold headset solutions.  Our customers will offer their review without any pressure from us.

That’s 0800 652 8052 for your phone headset review.

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