phone into wifi

phone_into_wifiYou can use any phone to phone into Wi-Fi networks.  It can be a plain ordinary telephone (or POT for short).

One of the minor reasons for BT’s 21CN project is to improve speeds of the public network and to include a feature called quality of service which prioritises speech data over common or garden webpage information.  By doing this you end up with acceptable voice communications.

Today VoIP is transforming the way we communicate and the phone into Wi-Fi functionality offered by phone systems such as Samsung’s BEST BUY OfficeServ7000 series is helping businesses to become greener by enabling them to have employees working from home while appearing to be in the office.  Even in the house connecting a phone into Wi-Fi routers is simple.  Tunnelling through the Internet gives privacy through proprietary encryption letting executives make sensitive phone calls without the fear of being bugged.  phone_into_wifi.pdf

The SMTi-W5120 Wi-Fi phone doesn’t come cheap as it is more expensive than its DECT counterpart, but when you’ve already got a Wi-Fi domain then it’s sensible to explore phone into Wi-Fi solutions with TelephoneSystemsDirect as we sell them with 25% discounts making phone into Wi-Fi commercially viable.

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