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phone_lightsWhy have phone lights on a telephone handset?  (Not because they look pretty!)   phone_lights.pdf

The phone lights on Samsung’s Euro, DS5000 and SMTi5000 series give you information on the status
of users and calls.

Set into all programmable keys on these models are tri-coloured LED indicators (or phone lights). 
RED phone lights signify that a person is engaged on at call on someone else’s phone if they have a button programmed as your Direct Station Selection (DSS) access.  Slowly flashing means you’re in DO NOT DISTURB mode.

GREEN phone lights mean you’re connected.
AMBER phone lights tell you that a caller is on HOLD.

For fuller explanation on the significance of phone lights on DCS, iDCS and OfficeServ phone systems you do need to read the user manuals supplied.  However, if you have misplaced your guide, then worry not, contact TelephoneSystemsDirect who will be pleased to email a copy of the appropriate document, or you can download it.
Our video tutorials are a useful place to learn more about phone lights.  Just follow the link.

0800 652 8052 puts you in touch with our team where a trainer will be able to chat about how you can use phone lights to your advantage.

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