Phone Line

phone_lineWhat is a phone line? Normally two bits of copper, sheathed in PVC, strung from a telephone pole overhead to your home or sometimes underground into your offices.  phone line.pdf

A phone line could be old-fashioned ANALOGUE which the majority of us have.  The phone line could be an ISDN2 or ISDN30 for businesses – these are digital and deliver many services such as Calling Line Identity and Direct Dialling Inward numbers enabling you to have loads of lines, even with only 2 physical connections.

Your analogue phone line will inevitably be set up for Broadband in the UK allowing simultaneous use of Internet browsing or email delivery while speaking over the phone line.

The latest phone line as this article is written (July2011) is a SIP phone line.  It is coming to your area soon – might already be with you – offering higher speed for downloading multi-media products such as HD TV, Video on Demand, Conferencing….and who knows what’s to come?

phone_line_platinumOne thing is certain though…and that if your firm speaks to TelephoneSystemsDirect it is more than likely that we will ensure you are not paying too much for your phone line or your calls.  We can perform an analysis to produce your unique caller profile and advise what tariffs would reduce costs.

Contact us on 0800 652 8052 for your phone line solutions.

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