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The telephone phone voip solutions utilise doesn’t really matter.  An analogue phone phone voip extension is much the same as a TDM phone phone voip port or even an IP phone phone voip implementation.  What is important is the capability of the phone platform that all these are connected to.  Even a cordless phone phone voip scenario works OK with the OfficeServ7000 series of VoIP enabled voice servers.

phone_phone_voipEach of the family – OfficeServ7030, OfficeServ7100, OfficeServ7200 and OfficeServ7400 – are capable of connecting all these different technology phones. 
The voip part of the equation is the number of ports provided to connect the time division multiplexed signals to the voice-over-IP world.  In the 7030 you’re limited to a maximum
of 4 while for the 7400 the MGI modules can cope with 64 each – so you’ve plenty of scope.  phone_phone_voip.pdf

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