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phone_system_dealerThe OfficeServ7030 is available from a phone system dealer near you.  Any reputable phone system dealer will offer you good service and free advice.

However there may be a phone system dealer who is over-reliant on their credit with their suppliers and distribution.  In difficult times such a phone system dealer might cut corners and not give you the comprehensive support that you warrant.

Telephone Systems Direct is one of the best phone system dealer companies in the UK.  Fortunately for us we are family owned and managed.  The staff is happy (most of the time); we are a cash-rich business and own our fleet of vehicles so our visits to you are guaranteed.

We are a member of the elite Samsung phone system dealer club who are proud to boast Platinum status.  As a former holder of the SME Reseller of the Year we are pleased to thank our customers for their confidence. 

We are able to quote 25% discounts on OfficeServ systems and DCS or iDCS additions.

Our credentials speak for themselves.  For telephony solutions this phone system dealer has a reputation is that is excellent.  0800 652 8052 puts you in touch for more information about our services and capabilities.

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