Phone System Installation

Avoid a phone system installation like this:

At Telephone Systems Direct we want you to smile after our phone system installation boys have been round!

phone_system_installationWhether you’re having a new OfficeServ7000 VoIP-enabled phone system installation (with 25% kit discounts) or we’re re-installing and older DCS, iDCS or OfficeServ100/500 then we are the best around.  Before the actual phone system installation we’ll hold a pre-programming meeting with you to determine what each extension user’s name is and how their buttons are to be programmed, where your lines and DDI numbers are delivered and what happens to the call in the event that it isn’t answered.   phone_system_installation.pdf

Why should you have TelephoneSystemsDirect perform your phone system installation?  We have been Samsung Platinum accredited since this status was created in 2002; we’re an SME Reseller of the Year award holder; we travel to any customer in the UK; we’ll assist you to minimise your annual telecoms running costs; we’re going to be in business when other phone system installation firms aren’t.



Get in touch with us today by dialling 0800 652 8052 or drop us a line to the email address at the foot of the screen and we’ll phone you.

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