phone system voice mail

A phone system voice mail is essential to most businesses. This is because the phone system voice mail allows messages and callers to be forwarded and dealt with in a swift and professional manner. A phone system voice mail is part of the OfficeServ and DCS range of phone-systems the size of the PABX dictates how many mail-boxes can be enabled. 

A phone system voice mail not only records inbound voice-recording msgs. but can store these indefinitely at the handset. Users can dial in to their DDI and access the Voicemail. The Samsung phone system voice mail has a feature called quick-memo which enables anyone on the switch to dial a colleagues extension and leave a Voice-message. A LED lamp will be flashing at the recipient’s telephone and a prompt will be displayed on the LCD screen.  This means that important info is not missed. This technology is available on Voip sites too.phone_system_voice_mail

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