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phone_systems_for_small_officeThe BIG QUESTION IS: WHAT do you want from phone systems for small office scenarios?
If it’s just a matter of a few calls a week – to one or two people – then simply rent a single exchange line from BT and utilise their offerings.  Far cheaper than going through the rigmarole of comparing this with that!

phone_systems_for_small_office_best_buyUnfortunately it’s not that simple – a small office usually comprises three to ten employees and sometimes the individual the phone is ringing for is already involved on another call.  Your enterprise might be planning to expand and needs extra capacity that’s quickly accessible.

Today, the power of the Internet can’t be ignored when thinking about phone systems for the small office.  There are applications that recognise the caller’s number and immediately pop that company’s website onto the answerer’s PC screen.  Start-up businesses will have bosses that wish to have important conversations over the phone  early morning or during the evening….OK they can use a mobile….but equally by using a home extension, that conversation can be recorded on the voicemail system in the office even though you’re speaking to them in your lounge!  Next day you can recall everything that was said and take action.

So the task of deciding which of the many phones systems for small office packages is now looking more daunting!  Fortunately you’re reading this article about phone systems for small offices so dialling TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 can pay dividends.


phone_systems_for_small_office_platinumTelephone Systems Direct is a family owned and managed telecoms dealership who serves clients throughout the UK mainland.  Founded in 1992 the firm has sold Panasonic and Samsung phone systems successfully.  In fact our loyal customers voted in droves in the annual channel awards and our MD was pleasantly surprised to receive the trophy for SME Reseller of the Year at that year’s prize giving ceremony.

The Platinum logo informs you that we are a member of the Korean electronics manufacturer’s elite dealers’ club – but you’ll discover that this accolade doesn’t mean higher prices…far from it….25% discounts on BEST BUY phone systems for the small office: OfficeServ7030 recommended by What to Buy for Business magazine.

Dial 0800 652 8052 for phone systems for small office solutions! 

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