phone systems for small offices

phone_systems_for_small_officesToday’s phone systems for small offices would make Alexander Graham Bell wish he was still alive!

phone_systems_for_small_offices_best_buyNo longer does the owner of any phone systems for small offices have to put up with a cut-down version of a top end phone system.  No!  The phone systems for small offices boast every feature and facility that you’d have paid thousands for only a decade ago.

Now you benefit from Computer-Telephone-Integration with applications that can pop the calling company’s website onto the screen as soon as you answer; DECT and WiFi handsets to allow you to roam the office while remaining connected to your call.  Integrated voice mail that comes for as little as £150 giving full functionality that can deliver unanswered recordings into your inbox as a wav file.

phone_systems_for_small_offices_voip_phoneFortunately there is a huge range of phone systems for small offices.  But beware:  some of these offerings have serious limitations on capacity, and when you do outgrow the box you’ve bought, you might be required to start afresh.  Choosing  BEST BUY phone systems (as recommended by What to Buy for Business magazine) shows that the product has been independently evaluated against the competition.  The next question is who you should purchase your phone systems for small offices from?  It may be from a one-man-band who can install and maintain – just think what happens when he’s on holiday or even sick – better to identify dealers who have been trained and have a team that can cover you effectively.

The writer is pleased you’re reading this article because it means that he’s got your attention. 

phone_systems_for_small_offices_platinumRead on by clicking on the attached PDF that describes the facilities you can have at your fingertips, either now, or when circumstances dictate you need them.  The OfficeServ7030 qualifies as one of the leading phone systems for small offices with all the features and functions that the enterprise class OfficeServ7400 boasts – but for a fraction of the price.  Growing to twenty extensions with eight incoming lines the 7030 phone systems for small offices will not leave you wanting. 


Buying your phone systems for small offices from TelephoneSystemsDirect will also prove to be both a cost saving and a wise choice.  As a Platinum accredited dealer and a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy, we believe there are not many suppliers that can claim such credentials

AND when we tell you that we’ll knock 25% discount off the kit prices – without any quibbles – you’d be foolish not to dial 0800 652 8052 to get a quote.

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