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phone_systems_ukQUESTION: WHAT do you want from phone systems for your business? phone systems UK

ANSWER: Today, the power that the Internet delivers in telecommunications just can’t be overlooked when thinking about telephone systems for any size of organisation.  There are software add-ons that can make you aware of the caller’s identity by popping the company’s web page onto the computer screen giving you the inside track on the conversation.  phone systems UK

Start-up firms will have MD’s that need to chat to punters on the phone  before work or during the evening….OK so they have a mobile….but by having a home extension utilising VoIP technology, that call can be recorded on the office’s voicemail despite the fact that you’re speaking to them in your bedroom or lounge!  Next day you can listen to what was said and perform the appropriate actions to impress the potential client. phone systems UK

phone_systems_uk_platinumUnfortunately for you there is a huge choice of phone systems.  Some are one-sized and so may limit future capacity – check it out – and when you do grow too big for the unit you bought, you might have to start afresh – wasting capital unnecessarily .  In choosing from a list of independently tested phone systems it lets you hand-pick a product has been appraised against the available competition.  phone systems UKphone_systems_uk_counties

QUESTION-2:  who are you purchasing your phone systems from? 
ANSWER-2: It coud well be that a one-man-band who can install and perhaps maintain can offer a fantastic price – think beyond that to what happens when he’s on leave or possibly poorly – better to check-out dealers who have the back-up to cover you effectively. phone systems UK
Our Platinum logo tells you that Telephone Systems Direct is a member of Samsung’s elite resellers – here you’ll find that this doesn’t mean paying more…far from it….DISCOUNTS of 25% on BEST BUY phone systems (as recommended by What to Buy for Business magazine) for anyone: from our entry-level OfficeServ7030 through to the enterprise-class OfficeServ7400. phone systems UK

Buying your telephony solutions from TelephoneSystemsDirect will prove to be one of your wisest decisions – pricewise and support-wise.  We are incidentally a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy – there are not many suppliers that can boast that! phone systems UK

For a no-obligation quote on phone systems you would be foolish not to dial 0800 652 8052. phone systems UK

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