phone using wifi

phone_using_wifiTo phone using Wi-Fi you’ll require a wireless connection.  Today there are Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels, airports and train stations where you can communicate using the power of your tablet PC or handheld device.  As IP addresses have been increased by over 1000 fold in the IP6 rollout in 2010 the World has shrunk yet again!

Every VoIP phone has a unique address so that when a Wi-Fi network recognises its identity it can connect it to its home.

In today’s offices where everything is cordless it makes sense have a phone using Wi-Fi.  No need for DECT transmitters.  BEWARE!  Putting speach through your data infrastructure could be potentially dangerous and costly.  Make sure you have QOS available, otherwise you’ll either have poor conversations or you will have to spend on upgrading routers and switches.  Increasing traffic can also cause delays and bottlenecks.

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we can advise you on any phone Wi-Fi solution.  With Samsung Platinum Partner Status and the BEST BUY OfficeServ7000 series phone systems we can deliver telecom solutions including phone using wifi applications that will benefit any sized business.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our advisors for a frank chat about models of phone using Wi-Fi.  phone_using_wifi.pdf

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