phone via wifi

phone_via_wifiTo phone via wifi is as simple as pressing the dial button on your SMTi-W5120 if you want low cost business mobility solutions.

To phone via wifi at home requires a few more bits and pieces:  a wifi router connected to the Internet, a laptop or palmtop computer with a VoIP application plus the hardware to speak to, and listen to your callers.  At TelephoneSystemsDirect we have a range of bluetooth headsets to help you communicate via a wifi phone.

At work the OfficeServ7030 for small businesses allows cheap phone via wifi using the W5120 and for larger organisations there are the 7100, 7200 and 7400 phone systems.  phone_via_wifi.pdf

Obviously you’ll need a wifi network installed that is compatible with voice-over-IP requirements.  Voice traffic is an additional burden that a busy domain can do without if it’s already up to capacity.  Adding volume creates bottlenecks and delays other business-critical services that the warehouse and accounts may not take kindly to!  Have a LAN audit first before committing to phone via wifi even if you’ve been advise it’s the thing to do.

For more information on any phone via wifi solution feel free to chat to our advisors at Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052.

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