phone wifi interference

phone_wifi_interferenceFor a phone wifi without interference at home you’ll require a wireless router to connect your laptop of notepad to the Internet and a VoIP application running on it with either a microphone or bluetooth headset to be able to speak to your callers effectively.  We can supply many of the bits.

For Samsung phone wifi interference in business you’ll be looking for value for money irrespective of whether you’re a start-up company or a well-established organisation.  There’s nowhere better to start that by ringing TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052 where we can chat about the ins and outs (or pros and cons) of a phone wifi interference in preference to a phone DECT interface.  Our technicians can sort it for you!

It really depends on if your IT network is compatible with voice-over-IP traffic.  Putting extra load on it may cause bottlenecks and disrupt other more important applications such as the accounts department – we can’t have that stopping the wages, can we!  QOS in your routers is also crucial.  If you don’t know what that three letter acronym stands for then check out our telecoms dictionary.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our friendly advisors who will talk knowledgably and simply about a phone wifi interference and tell you frankly if it’s going to benefit you or not.  phone_wifi_interference.pdf

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