phone wireless headset

phone_wireless_headsetA cordless headset system lets you use both hands to enter data into your company systems while chatting to your customers.

There are various cordless headset system manufacturers such as Plantronics, Sennheiser and Jabra.  By talking to the team at TelephoneSystemsDirect we can listen to what you’re trying to achieve with your cordless headset system and then advise you which fits the bill best.  OK the price tag might not be the cheapest for an ideal cordless headset system – but then we’ll tell you what the alternatives are so you can come to an informed decision.

Telephone Systems Direct prides itself on telling our clientele what they need, and more importantly not selling them what they don’t require.  This could be one of the reasons our customer base voted us the SME Reseller of the Year recently.

The cordless headset system we’ve recommended and sold quite a few of is the Plantronics-CS60 which could have been replaced when you read this article.  phone_wireless_headset.pdf

By ringing us on 0800 652 8052 our advisors can guide you to the cordless headset system that delivers.

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