phones cordless

The phones cordless technology came along in the mid 1980’s in the guise of Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony, or DECT for short.   phones_cordless.pdf

Now-a-days the phones cordless technologies have moved on considerably with Wi-Fi, BlueTooth and GSM (that provides our MOBEX solutions). 

With phones cordless models you have the ability to stroll away from your desk or wander round your home and not be in a situation where you can’t answer your telephone when it rings.  As they say “You’re never alone with a cordless phoneâ€!

phones_cordlessHere at TelephoneSystemsDirect your choices of phones, cordless, is extensive, from our speciality with the DECT300 and DECT600 packages that cater for four to one hundred and twenty eight dect handsets, then our WiFi SMT-iW5120 terminals that are a sensible choice when you’ve already implemented a wireless LAN, to single Panasonic or BT phones cordless with or without answering machine functionality.

0800 652 8052 connects you to our team of phones cordless advisors who will listen carefully to your requirements before guiding you to the most appropriate phones cordless solution for you.

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