polycom 501

polycom_501The Polycom SoundPoint IP501 is a 3-line desktop IP-telephone that utilizes Polycom’s Acoustic Clarity Technology.  polycom_501.pdf

The Polycom 501 is a three-line Voice-over-IP telephone that seamlessly integrates with PBX and Softswitch vendors’ solutions. As protocols develop and standards evolve, it’s easy to update the Polycom 501 in the field via a software download, updating feature functionality for the phone and protecting your investment. Whether you deploy MGCP or SIP, Polycom offers a solution that fits all your business communication needs.
Enhanced productivity.

The intuitive Polycom 501 user interface gives dedicated, one button access to common telephony features, and an information-rich graphical LCD display provides content for messaging, call information, directory records, and applications. Suitable for everyday users, the Polycom 501 delivers superb voice quality when used with a headset, handset or in hands-free speakerphone mode. Polycom industry-leading sound implemented in the Polycom 501 makes your client calls more efficient, because you will spend less time trying to understand what other people are saying, and more communicating with them.

To learn more about the Polycom 501 please contact TelephoneSystemsDirect on 0800 652 8052.

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