polycom 601

polycom_601The Polycom SoundPoint IP600/601 SIP phone is obsolete.  There are no new sales of the Polycom 601.

The Polycom 601 is a full-duplex, hands-free telephone running the industry standard Session Initiation Protocol. The Polycom 601 provides business telephony features and functions such as Multiple Call Appearances, Hold, Transfer, and Conference over an IP network.

Be sure that your LAN is prepared for configuring your Polycom 601 or consult the Administrator Guide attached for more information.

polycom 601.pdf

At TelephoneSystemsDirect we have ways and means of finding the elusive Polycom 601
so that those searching for them aren’t disappointed.  By calling us on 0800 652 8052 an advisor will chat to you to determine how many Polycom 601units you want or whether it’s just the extension modules providing additional indications you require.

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