polycom conference

polycom_conferenceThere are loads of Polycom conference products!

polycom_conference_aPolycom Audio communication and conferencing terminals are (as this article is written) the VVX1500 business media phone, SoundPoint IP321, 335, 450, 550, 560, 650 and 670, SoundPointProSE225, expansion and attendant units, SoundStations: IP5000, IP6000 & IP7000 plus the very popular SoundStation2.  polycom_conference.pdf

Polycom Video conference solutions are HDX 6000series, 7000series, 8000series & 9000series + QDX6000 and VSX ranges. Then there are three flavours of TelePresence: Immersive, Room and Personal.

For more information on each of the Polycom conference offerings you’ll be better off browsing through their own website, then come back to us for competitive pricing.

polycom_conference_bAt TelephoneSystemsDirect we can supply any Polycom conference product at an advantageous price that you may find impossible to match elsewhere.

Dial 0800 652 8052 to speak to an advisor today on a Polycom conference solution.

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