polycom inc

polycom_incPolycom Inc was founded in California in 1990.  With over 2700 employees Polycom Inc certainly has a workforce large enough to product the range of telephony products that we in the UK appreciate.

polycom_inc_1There’s the Polycom inc-redible SoundStation2 and its variants that we all take for granted when we need to have an audio conference.  The Polycom inc-omparable TelePresence solutions of Personal, Room and Immersive compete with other major players in the video conferencing market sector.

The Polycom inc-lusive mobility DECT and Wi-Fi handsets aid many types of industry.  Some of these are badged from KIRK and you might just find that they are cheaper to buy from TelephoneSystemsDirect with our 25% discounts on the DECT5020.

If you require more detail on Polycom Inc-orporated then why not look on their official website?

For discounted Polycom sales dial 0800 652 8052 and speak to an advisor at Telephone Systems Direct.

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